Short Story

Perspective description :

Fund me DAPP Just as it sounds with out flair or detail . Maybe it resides in its own token , but is chained thru Cardano . this dap is ment to be a simple / clean vessel for witch to utilize the intellectual and financial power of soon to be millions of people .

the Bonus Factor could possibly be interoperability amongst other protocols there by adding some factor network affect.

Dapp Use case :

Basket of solutions for the funds collected. ( IE financial services / taxes / )

Contracts, driven objectives goals , simple but managed direction

analytics from a glass house to keep everyone honest

This could be a very useful tool , we need tools , tools create use , use means adoption adoption is in everyone’s best interest .

Drive and participation can be a infectious , and powerful , ideas sometimes just need energy and information this too could do both ..

Which of these definitions apply to you? Entrepreneur, Marketing professional

Fund Me DAPP

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Fund Me DAPP


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