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– The ideate phase where you can give a clap or a +- vote on ideascale is a pointless/annoying popularity contest, that confused/discourages me from the actual voting taking place however many weeks later. It’s odd to have a clap and a + vote. Why would you give one over the other. And as I wrote previously in ideascale: there are arbitrary limitations on the amount of claps one can give, which is strange.

– i think there was another pointless 1 or 2 phases in the middle here that I can’t even remember the name or point of.

– then theres a review stage.

-Another discussion stage? by which point the majority of discussion seems to have finished anyway and I am bored waiting for the actual vote.

– then theres a community advisor stage which I also find largely pointless. I don’t think it will influence people’s votes at all. Personally I didn’t even read the community advisor spiel.

Then there is a week or 2 real voting phase that should be longer and should take place sooner.

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Fund2 had too many phases/stages

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Fund2 had too many phases/stages


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