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To build something truly new, developers need access to tools, a learning community, and holistic support in elucidating and testing ideas.

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Support experienced developers who are new to blockchain by building tools, creating educational resources, and cultivating project teams.

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In addition to our founding team of 3 from our Fund 2 proposal, we’ve added Kyle, a fullstack dev who has been driving Cardano education.

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We are Gimbalabs, and since launching our project during Catalyst Fund 2, our high-level goals have not changed. Our mission is to mobilize everyone in the Cardano community by creating tools and real-world use cases that ignite the public imagination and facilitate adoption. We envision a world where as many people as possible are empowered to solve problems using the Cardano platform.

In our Fund 2 Proposal, we outlined our initial plans for creating free and open source community resources, as well as our hypotheses for how we would engage with different Cardano users. (For context, you can see our Fund 2 proposal document here:

Over the last six weeks, we’ve had the opportunity to test our ideas. We have seen how Dandelion APIs support developers, leading to new collaborations. We first met Kyle, the newest member of the Gimbalabs leadership team, when he reached out with questions about Dandelion. Now he is creating tools and video content that provide entry points for additional developers.

Each day, we connect with developers, entrepreneurs, and Cardano enthusiasts who want to build on Cardano. We are piloting intro development courses, creating collaborative structures that support new leaders to emerge, and testing processes for establishing teams. We are submitting this proposal so that we can continue this work and launch new, targeted experiments.

Based on what we’ve experienced and feedback received from our actions we implemented in the last 6 weeks, this fund 4 proposal is sharpening our focus further on the developer experience, helping this community to grow and building bridges to real world application.

We intend for our “Fund 4” budget to cover our continued work in the months April – June, 2021. With this budget, we seek to fund an array of new projects as described in the attached document, and to support anyone who shows up to pitch in and find a role.

To read the rest of our proposal, please see the attached .pdf file – this saves us the time of re-formatting what we’ve written. We are eager to hear your questions and feedback about this proposal, and to work with you to continue to make our project as impactful as possible for the Cardano Catalyst community.

Requested funds in USD 49350

Which of these definitions apply to you? Entrepreneur, Teacher

Gimbalabs meaningful dev experience

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