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Covid-19 changed the way we dine in at restaurants worldwide.

Describe your solution to the problem

DApp to make dine in reservations/ending time, order food/drinks in advance. Helps businesses plan ahead and customer order are always right

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I’m a lover of food and entrepreneur wanting to make the dine in experience even better, while helping businesses succeed

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I came up with this idea shortly after the Covid lockdown, looking forward to improving it through Catalyst and the crypto community. LET’S EAT!


Restaurant Reservations App For iOS & Android

o Bibop – Restaurant Reservations app provides users with a means to utilize the smartphone to make a restaurant reservation in advance and pre-order the food/drinks.

o Bibop App users can register through the app or through an authentic Facebook, Instagram, Apple or Google login which will be saved to the Bibop App server for super admin to monitor and keep track of all new sign ups and entire user-base platform

o Bibop allows restaurants to register and add the menu with prices and special offerings

o Restaurant profiles will also be able to control the flow of reservations and availability

o Stripe Payment API allows user to pre-pay for food & drinks before arriving to the restaurant and will allow the app owner to deduct a backend transaction commission (This part needs help from crypto experts)

o Google Maps APIs will display real time user location & all nearby restaurants on Bibop

The team is ready to go!

-Mastery of iOS iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile technologies. -Mastery of modern programming language: Python, Ruby, Java, C++, HTML5, SQL, NoSQL,-Mastery of open source systems including Redis, Hadoop, Mongo, HDFS, AWS, Tornado, epoll. –Top level ability with writing server-side APIs for both mobile and web based applications.

Requested funds in USD 10000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Developer, Entrepreneur


Global Restaurant Dapp – BIBOP

Goal: $10,000.00
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