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How do we raise awareness and excitement about the Goguen launch and accelerate dApp development on Cardano?

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Work with one of the biggest providers of turnkey Hackathon services to produce a world class Hackathon event.

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Marketing professional, Community manager, Entrepreneur

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I thought that it would be appropriate have the launch of Goguen correspond to a global hackathon event to celebrate the milestone, bring awareness to the project and bring developers and dApp ideas to the ecosystem. Since I have no experience with running a project of this scale I thought it would be prudent to partner with people who do. That search led me to bemyapp the people who run who have provided a detailed proposal that I have attached.

If people like the idea and proposal I will reach out to the 3 Cardano entities (Emurgo, IOG, and Foundation) for participation and possibly prize money. I’d probably also look for volunteers to help. Their budget is $76,000.00 I padded it a little for unknown costs. At this point I am not looking for compensation personally.

I still have some open questions that I would like help with such as: What is a good topic for the hackathon, if the proposal is successful can the money go to directly, Is Goguen ready yet? Are we still to early to have a hackathon?

Honestly I suspect we are probably a little to early to launch this but I want to solicit feedback and see if people think this is a good idea and refine it. They told me it will take them 6 to 8 weeks to get their end ready to launch BTW.

Here is a link to the Google slides of their proposal:

Thanks for looking!

Requested funds in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. Payment will be in ada. 80000

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Goguen Launch Global Hackathon

Goal: $80,000.00
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