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Problem statement :

There are many ideas about games and a lot of talent in developers.

We must team up with each other and include their ideas in a great game

Describe your solution to the problem

About the history of the economy, the final boss is the Centralization of money With reward in ADA and they must create Daedalus to receive

Relevant experience

Political ideologist, creative, creator of multimedia content.

Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

The game is set during the history of the economy, and of course the human being. With each completed stage and mission you receive ADA, which can only be collected at the end.

There are two possible paths. Conservative and Bold, the conservative has the advantage at the beginning of the stage and the daring at the end.

Possible stages:

1. Collectors 2. Exchange 3. Accumulation 4. Gold 5. Coins 6. Banknotes 7. Banks (final boss) 8. Cryptos (final stage, introduction to Cardano and sum of rewards)

In case the project is voted, I will contact all the Developers to create a great game with all the possible ideas, I do not have experience in programming, but in creating application concepts.

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Great team to create a great game

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