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HW wallet passphrase recovery tool

Problem statement :

Currently there is no public tool supporting Cardano allowing BIP39 passphrase to be guessed/tested. Plus none using GPU acceleration.

Describe your solution to the problem

Add Cardano (ADA) support and GPU acceleration support to widely used and publicly known tool named btcrecover.

Relevant experience

As a SPO we were asked to help an ADA holder with this issue and there are more to come for sure. There’s no such tool at the moment.

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In early HW wallet integration it was very easy to mistype passphrase when connecting HW wallet to Yoroi or Daedalus for the first time and not to find out for months (or until transaction needs to be made). Currently the passphrase has to be put in twice which minimizes the risk, but it can never be completely mitigated.
If you as a common ADA holder get into this trouble you have no other option than to find a professional help which would cost you typically 10% of your holdings or get in touch with local Cardano community, ambassadors or your SPO who won’t be able to help you unless they are developers, because there is no public tool supporting Cardano passphrase recovery.
The primary goal of this proposal is to get developed Cardano support in open-source tool named “btcrecover” which is widely known, can be easily googled and has a lot of Youtube guides and tutorials so it would be much more easier to get help in above mentioned scenario.
The secondary goal is to add OpenCL GPU acceleration support to this tool as BIP39 passphrase recovery is very CPU costly and GPU acceleration can speed it up 5x to 10x. The plan is when the user turns GPU acceleration on gets a message that this feature was sponsored or co-sponsored by Cardano community.
The plan is:

  1. Cardano support – add ADA support to btcrecover within 2-4 weeks after proposal is funded
  2. GPU acceleration support – add GPU acceleration support within 2 weeks after Cardano support is added
    The plan includes 2 weeks lead time to get the developer ready and assumes both functionalities will be ordered together. The work will be done by a hired professional programmer and committed to the current btcrecover github repo.

Requested funds in USD 2500

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HW wallet passphrase recovery tool

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