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    Companies are using balance sheets to keep their books .

    They should be able to do this on the Cardano Blockchain.

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    I want to implement a blank balance sheet in Plutus.

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    I am studying information systems management at the TU Berlin, where I learned to code in Haskell and how to do Accounting.

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    First of all an explanation: IFRS stands for International Financial Reporting Standards.

    These standards describe how companies are supposed to keep their Books, to inform stake holders and regulators about their financial state.
    The main communication device in this reporting system is the balance sheet, which lists the assets, liabilities and ownership of a given company.

    If a balance sheet was one the Blockchain it could enable companies to hold crypto assets, tokens or securities more easily.
    Also an onChain balance sheet could be streamlined to a point where small companies would only exist onChain. Such an approach would have many applications in the DeFi and CeFi world, because there are already good tools to analyze balance sheets and calculate credit scores based on them.

    An other perspective I can offer is the possibility to create DAOs based on balance sheets to allow better over sight.
    Because building a fully IFRS compliant smart contract is a huge project, I want to build a prototype at first to showcase the use of such a model.

    Now I want this prototype to be able to perform basic tasks such as:
    -maintaining a valid and standardized structure over multiple periods
    -performing valid transactions
    -differentiate multiple account types.

    To archive this I will make a concept, that maps the structure of a balance sheet to smart contracts.
    Then I will implement this concept in Plutus and make it open Source.

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Decentralized Accounting <- IFRS

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