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Cardano architecture is currently a closed system. How can we best integrate with the outside world?

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SPO dependent decentralized “black box” AI System as not-for-profit that will serve the community and charity.

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Best single node AI System on Planet Earth. I’ve asked Ben Goertzel to help me train the system.

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*This is an AI workload, it doesn’t provide AI services*
If you want your $ADA to spend like money, then we NEED this system.
A cluster of 7-10 DGX A100s (located around the world) is the BEST solution for Layer 2 Sidechain architecture in terms of power, cost, and scalability. These will be used to build the Not-For-Profit InFinichAIn sidechain.
I’m asking for funding for 1 DGX A100 in hopes it will grow by launch.
Please watch video:
Nvidia DGX A100s


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Layer 2 Advanced Architecture

Goal: $1.00
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