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Massive user adoption of Cardano’s blockchain solutions will be obstructed in many countries due the lack of legislation related to crypto.

Describe your solution to the problem

We will bring juridical validity for blockchain transactions in Brazil, ensuring liability for Cardano’s DApps and developer ecosystem.

Relevant experience

Henrique has +10 years of experience as an entrepreneur in Brazil.


Filipe has +10 years experience with Brazilian judiciary system.

Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

The requested funds will be used to establish juridical validity for blockchain transactions, according to legal authorities in Brazil. Project submitters will found a startup company in Brazil, through this legal institution, we will guarantee the legality of Cardano’s blockchain transactions, by understanding the legislation and documents that are demanded by the authorities.
A real life circumstance will be used to prove the applicability of the project and the idea itself. In Brazil, donations to charity institutions must be registered to avoid frauds, therefore, a few legal steps must be taken.
From our research, there is no precedent of a charity institution receiving ADA (or other crypto) as a donation, this ADA would be converted to local currency (BRL) and than used by the institution. We would like to make it happen in Brazil, we will donate 100 ADAs using Cardano blockchain to an institution, all the procedure will be according to Brazilian law!
It is important to notice that the requested funds will be paid in ADA, so we will also need to convert into BRL and justify it for authorities – this will also be one of your project’s achievements. Notice:, we do not aim to change the law, just do things according to vigent laws.


After receiving the funding we will found a startup company to legaly deal will blockchain solutions. Our first objective will be to successfully donate 100 ADAs to a charity institution and they will convert this value in Reais (BRL) for buying goods, this will be all done according to Brazilian law. Charity institution will have its own wallet and be advised to how make it “legal” according to current legislation. All transactions will have records to community’s auditory.
All this process is expected to be achieved within 6 months following receipt of funding. Future projects related to submitters expertise will be lunched to sustain our ideas.


The 1200 USD fund will be used to pay company’s charges for 6 months, the 100 ADA donation and advocative hours for legal advice. As co-submitter and lawyer, Filipe will be paid the minimum OAB (Brazilian lawyers association) recommended fare for this kind of analysis – around 660 USD (details are available on item 223 of The remaining 540 USD will be the used to pay company’s fees.
After 6 months it is expected that the company will have enough income to sustain its operations. Other projects related to our expertise are planned to be launched. Also, we will actively work to bring new projects and partners, being able to assist other entrepreneurs and developers.


The success of this “experiment” will lead into legal acceptance of other solutions developed using the Cardano blockchain in Brazil. Therefore, our project can be very useful for DApps and solutions targeting Brazilian market. We intend to continue providing solutions, especially when Cardano blockchain’s smart contracts are available. Further, it is expected to partner with other projects, specially those aiming to provide education, training and any kind of transaction done through Cardano’s blockchain.


The project will be headed by:
Henrique Schappo (
Filipe Starke (


Technology Advisor:
Henrique Marcos Fava Bilbao with +15 years experience on technology and programing. (

Requested funds in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. Payment will be in ada. 1200

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Legitimatize blockchain solutions

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