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Only EVM emulator exits, not KEVM emulator. Current EVM emulator is not instrumentable, slow and bulk. just a tool not framework.

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We build a fully open source cross platform and multi arch lightweight framework since 2019. EVM and WASM module is in closed beta now.

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Qiling Framework is a open source cross platform and multi arch lightweight framework. It emulates windows, linux, macos on different arch.

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Currently, most of the EVM fuzzing mechanisms are designed to fuzz the entire EVM VM engine but not to fuzz the EVM module nor even mention fuzzing the smart contract. The current solution to fuzzing the entire VM is a complete resource waste. This method is barely usable for EVM and for sure it is totally not suitable for KEVM due to its smart contract nature. As such, a lightweight, fast and REAL (K)EVM is needed to solve the current smart contract requirement.


Being fuzz-able is just a part of our instrument-able framework. Users will be able to build all kinds of tools on top of it, example a (K)EVM smart contract scanner (like a web application scanner).

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Lightweight KEVM Emulator

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qilingframework/qilingQiling Advanced Binary Emulation Framework. Contribute to qilingframework/qiling development by creating an account on GitHub.


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