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Yoroi is missing Slovak localization making it difficult to use on the local market.

Describe your solution to the problem

Provide Yoroi with a localized Slovak interface. This needs to be up to date with each new Yoroi update and coordinated with translators.

Relevant experience

We have been working on localization and translation of Signal Private Messenger, Fedora Project operating system or Secure Drop.

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Yoroi light-weight wallet has become the metamask of the Cardano ecosystem. Developers will rely on it to sign transactions in their dApps.

Many jurisdictions, mostly on European markets, have consumer protection laws that make it difficult to introduce an application without a localized interface.

We attempted to use dApps with Yoroi for local non-profit organization per-rollam (by letter) voting during the Covid-19 pandemic lock-down in Central Europe but were unable to do so due to the lack of localization.

The solution is to provide Yoroi with a localized interface for a given market. This needs to be up to date with each new Yoroi update and coordinated with translators.


## Deliverables

We will translate and localize Yoroi for the Czech and Slovak markets and keep the translation up to date for a year.


## Relevant experience

Among our members are technical localization enthusiasts and experts. We have been actively working on localization and translation maintenance of Signal Private Messenger, Fedora Project operating system or Freedom of the Press Foundation’s Secure Drop.

Five Binaries is an infrastructure development company. We’re Cardano pioneers – with the first Cardano block minted on an aeroplane, first stake pool on the ITN and the first Shelley transaction on the mainnet.

We are trusted by customers such as Emurgo, Trezor or Ergo Foundation. To get in touch or find more information about us, please visit

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Localize Yoroi for Slovak market

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