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Migrate Multi-PVP game from Tron

Problem statement :

Cardano needs easy-to-learn, multi-player games where ADA is used as the game currency and where large groups of members can play together

Describe your solution to the problem

Migrate existing successful Tron DApp to Cardano using KEVM Devnet.

v1.0 to use ADA and Native Assets as game tokens inside smart contracts

Relevant experience

Already top-20 Tron Dapp on DappRadar with high daily active users/transactions & active community
Can bring users + community to Cardano

Website/GitHub repository (not required)
Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

The platform allows players to battle each other and take other player’s ADA and, if they die, to mine platform tokens.
Platform tokens pay out daily dividends from platform profits. User are paid dividends in ADA, not in platform tokens. So, this helps add to the value of ADA.



3wks after Funding

Convert current PC version of ( to run using ADA tokens. Issue a new platform token for Cardano users. Functions to be migrated at this stage: core game, referral links and referral payouts, mining system, dividend payment system, database, smart contracts, daily tasks, player level matching system, player platform transaction record look-up, teaming function, friend list function, game bot AI.


7wks after Funding:

Props market, News push function


11wks after Funding (Next Funding Phase):

Open higher value ADA game rooms.


15wks after Funding:

Rewrite the daily platform’s dividend payout system using Plutus.


15wks+ after Funding:

Once the ADA collection and payout systems are all functioning smoothly, rewrite the entire game using Plutus so as to achieve full decentralization.

Requested funds in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. Payment will be in ada. 40000

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Migrate Multi-PVP game from Tron

Goal: $40,000.00
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