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Problem statement :

Cardano needs easy-to-learn, multi-player games with ADA as game currency to drive the value of ADA & bring large groups of players together

Describe your solution to the problem

Migrate existing successful Tron DApp to Cardano using KEVM Devnet.

v1.0 to use ADA and Native Assets as game tokens inside smart contracts

Relevant experience

Traps has run successfully on Tron for 2yrs
Daily active users hit 240, top-20 dApp(see attachment)
User demo:


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Current Game status:
Game has run successfully already for 2yrs on Tron. However, recent sharp increases in energy costs on Tron have forced us to take the TRX-version of the game offline while we upgrade the platform to use less energy. The free version is still live and available for users to test at The TRX-version will be back online once the upgrade has been completed. So, for accurate Daily Active User stats and transaction stats, please refer to data PRIOR to the platform going offline for upgrade in early Feb. You can view stats at but be sure to expand to “All Time” data to see the accurate stats from before the upgrade a few weeks ago.
Key Links:
Telegram: @trapsone
Twitter: @Traps_One
User Demo Video: User demo:

Dappradar stats (please view “All Time” stats on Dappradar to see accurate Daily Active User stats and Transaction stats from before the platform went offline in early Feb/2020 for upgrade to accomodate the sudden sharp increase in Tron energy costs. The platform will be back online once the upgrade is completed. So, to see accurate stats for Traps, view dappradar stats prior to Feb/2020):
Object of the game:
Each player enters with a set amount of ADA in his planet. Then, multiple players chase each other around the board trying to eat each other. If you eat another player, you take his ADA and you keep it. If you die, you mine platform tokens, which pay daily dividends from the platform. So, if you win, you win ADA from other players, which you receive immediately; if you die, you still mine platform tokens. The game is simple and quick to learn and, therefore, allows for a lot of fun and endless variations on strategies and team play. Feel free to test out the free version now at or watch the user demo video posted above in the “Relevant experience section”.
More Details on the game to be built on Cardano:
Different Modes of Play
a.Free Mode
Players begin each game with a mass of 40, and three seconds of lead-in time before your planet becomes visible to the other players (and can then be eaten). Each game lasts 9 minutes and 55 seconds, after which all players have their mass reset to zero for the start of a new game. Closing your web browser page during a game will exit you from the game. Players who choose to only play in the Free Mode do not need to have any blockchain wallet installed and do not need to deposit any ADA to begin playing.
b.Pay Mode(amounts are just for reference and can change later depending on the price of ADA at game launch)
Players begin each game with a mass of 100, and three seconds of lead-in time before their planet becomes visible (and can be eaten). They must deposit at least 100 ADA to enter a game, and 100 ADA gives them 5 lives, with each life worth 20 ADA. ​From the moment that a player deposits the ADA, all information is passed to the smart contract and settlement in ADA is immediately sent out for each transaction, so there is no concern over user funds being misdirected. All energy and bandwidth point costs are covered by the game.
A game lasts for 9 minutes and 55 seconds until the clock runs down to zero, at which time the player will be asked whether they wish to continue playing in the next game or to exit. Closing the web browser page during a game will exit the player from the game, but the players winnings are automatically stored on the blockchain and credited to their wallet.
Players in this mode need to install a blockchain wallet (such as Daedalus or Yoroi) and have sufficient ADA in their wallet. Each time you eat another player’s planet, that player’s ADA is stolen and credited immediately to you (minus a 10% fee for the house).
c.Private Game Rooms
Players can book a private room and organize their own private games with up to 50 people. Anyone who organizes a private game will earn 20% of the profits earned by Traps.One from that game in return for organizing the private game. This will incentivize people to market Traps.One, create tournaments and events within the game, and generate revenue and new players for the game.
History of the Development Team
The LittleFox team has years of experience in blockchain development and game development. Team members have been working together in the blockchain industry since the ETH dApp era. Some team members were social media moderators for Crypto KItties and EOSbet. They have teamed with other knowledgeable developers experienced in smart contracts and project management.
Key Relevant Experience of the Development Team:
a.Constructed, from scratch, an order matching engine system for a digital exchange (dex and traditional exchange) that was capable of processing 500,000 orders per second
b.Developed numerous dApp contracts
c.Solid knowledge and experience with: Solidity, Golang, wallet development, and smart contracts
Game Mining (amounts are just for reference and can change later depending on the price of ADA at game launch)
Only players in the pay mode are eligible for mining. Mining revenue is calculated at the end of each game and based on the number of times the player dies. Each time the player dies, they are rewarded an equivalent portion of ADA in the form of TPS.
Mining Rewards Formula: ​each time a player dies, 10% of the deposited ADA is deducted and used to mine TPS. This is done at the rate of 1 ADA = 20 TPS. You mine TPS every time a full life is lost. The following are sample mining calculations:
100ADA-Game​: Each life is worth 20 ADA. Each death results in the following TPS rewards: 20 ADA x 10% / 0.05 = ​40TPS mined
1000 ADA-Game: ​Each life is worth 200 ADA. Each death results in the following TPS rewards: 200 ADA x 10% / 0.05 = ​400 TPS mined
250 ADA-Game: ​Each life is worth 50 ADA. Each death results in the following TPS rewards: 50 ADA x 10% / 0.05 = ​100 TPS mined
2500 ADA- Game: ​Each life is worth 500 ADA. Each death results in the following TPS rewards: 500 ADA x 10% / 0.05 = ​1000 TPS mined
Once all TPS mining tokens have been mined, we will then move to an IBO (Initial Bancor Offering) model, whereby each time mining occurs and TPS tokens need to be issued to a user, Traps.One will purchase TPS tokens from the open market equivalent to the number of tokens mined and then distribute these tokens to the user. In this way, mining can continue and demand for the tokens in the open market will have solid support. As the game continues to grow, and mining grows, buy-backs from the open market will follow suit and help to increase the value of the TPS tokens.
Staking & Dividends TPS token holders are entitled to receive daily dividends if they stake their tokens on the Traps.One smart contract on the official website. Dividends accumulate automatically on a daily basis in the user account, but users must log in to claim and withdraw their dividends. Unstaking of staked TPS is required to withdraw dividends and this takes 24 hours to process.
Daily income will all be sent to a fixed address, after which 50% of such income will be distributed daily to users that have staked their TPS tokens. Players who organize private games will receive 20% of the profits earned by Traps.One from the game that they organize.
3wks after Funding
Convert current PC version of ( to run using ADA tokens. Issue a new platform token for Cardano users. Functions to be migrated at this stage: core game, referral links and referral payouts, mining system, dividend payment system, database, smart contracts, daily tasks, player level matching system, player platform transaction record look-up, teaming function, friend list function, game bot AI.
7wks after Funding:
Props market, News push function
11wks after Funding (Next Funding Phase):
Open higher value ADA game rooms.
15wks after Funding:
Rewrite the daily platform’s dividend payout system using Plutus.
15wks+ after Funding:
Once the ADA collection and payout systems are all functioning smoothly, rewrite the entire game using Plutus so as to achieve full decentralization. 

Requested funds in USD 40,000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Developer, Community manager, Entrepreneur

Migtrate Tron Multi-PVP Game to ADA

Goal: $40,000.00
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TrapsThe smash hit game! Control your cell and eat other players to grow larger! Play with millions of players around the world and try to become the biggest cell of the game.

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Traps | DappRadarThe 1st Multi-PVP Game on Tron Network Eat your way to becoming a millionaire!

TrapsThe smash hit game! Control your cell and eat other players to grow larger! Play with millions of players around the world and try to become the biggest cell of the game.


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