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Increase adoption

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Build a mobile/desktop game that does not require a blockchain but adds additional features to the game which will be exposed to the users.

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9+ years of experience in mobile development

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8/9 years ago I released a mobile game called “Orc Genocide”. It has a lot of weaknesses and looks terrible on certain devices. But yet has still a good rating of 4,4 stars and 80k downloads. But only 650 active installs. That is going to change because I’m in the middle of a rework of the project. Within a relative short time frame I was able to rebuild the basic game logic. The next tasks are to hire a professional graphic designer and build NFT integration.

I have just released a beta on the Play Store and in this video you can see how the current game looks like


Estimated final release is 3rd or 4th quarter. Online mode a quarter later and will be released on iOS/Android/Desktop

The funding would assure that I will be able to finish the game this year and that Cardano NFT’s will be used.

When I talk about Orc Genocide it reminds me of Charles talking about Legends of Valour. It’s a lot of fun to finally work on the project I kept postponing for years.

Requested funds in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. Payment will be in ada. 2500

Which of these definitions apply to you? Developer, Entrepreneur

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Multiplayer strategy game

Goal: $2,500.00
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Orc Genocide – Apps on Google PlayOrc Genocide is a strategy game which has a lot of different game modes. Original Fight against 3 different CPU(easy, medium, hard) types, against an online opponent or against a friend in splitscreen mode. Story Rescue the 6 caged twin sister princesses in the Orcish Forehills, defeat the 6 stone knights in the Orcish Mountains and defeat the 6 skeletons in the Orcish Cave. Tower Defense Buy and upgrade towers. For every killed enemy you earn coins. The game is finished if you survive all waves. King Defense Similar to Tower Defense except that you have to protect a King. Waves This mode is similar to the Tower Defense mode except that you build summon buildings instead of towers. Cliff Rush A fast mode where you have to fight on 5 lanes divided by cliffs. Ancient Defense A minimalistic version of DotA without heroes. Minigame – Orc Jumper A simple “one tap” jump and run game. Singleplayer and up to 4 player on the same device. Minigame – Hero Siege Fight against different types of enemies to earn coins and level up your hero to win against the end boss. The game supports splitscreen multiplayer on the same device. Auras are an important key role in the game. They increase the attributes of all your creeps and towers.


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