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Zero config, instant Cardano node access for free.
In a similar spirit to, access to nodes should be free & easy.

Describe your solution to the problem

A backend platform would maintain many horizontally-scalable pools of nodes. Access to these would be controlled via API keys & accounts.

Relevant experience

I am a cloud DevOps engineer at Google, with a specialization in automation & enterprise scaling.

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The platform will be API driven, with quota placed on accounts to throttle their requests per day. This will allow the service to be free up to a certain usage, after which it may charge for power users.

By giving developers free access to nodes, they will be able to test their dApps & scripts without needing to administer a node themselves, nor deal with the time-consuming problem of syncing blockchain state.

The backend of this system will make use of containerized Cardano nodes to accommodate auto-scaling and load-balancing. These techniques will ensure reliability and cost-effectiveness of the system.

For connecting the Cardano CLI to the remote node, a small utility program will be written that forwards TCP traffic from the local socket onward. Or, for users who are not able to install the Cardano CLI, a small sandbox VM can be created for users to SSH into which will come enabled with the Cardano SDKs.

Requested funds in USD 40000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Teacher, Developer, Stakepool operator, Entrepreneur, Community manager

Nada: Nodes-as-a-Service

Goal: $40,000.00
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