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Challenge question :

What core Dapp solutions can be provided for widespread governments adoption in the developing world?

Why is it important?

For the poor nations with no foundations to stand on, Government Dapp solutions will be the building blocks enabling sustainable prosperity

How does success look like?

Wide spread adoption of Dapps by dozens of governments across developing nations, in collaboration with LCCs and International Partnerships

Key Metrics to measure

Minimum 30 proposals covering all core applications in line with challenge brief
12 winning proposals with ability to deploy Dapps with in 4 months of award
Dapps adoption and implementation during 12 months, sponsored by local governments

Challenge brief

Dapp proposals should focus on foundational Registry solutions, namely:

National ID & Civil Registry, Property, Medical & Vaccination, Education Census, Revenue Service, Business Incorporations, Elections Voting, Customs & Border Control, Criminal Records, Employment Census, Vehicle Registration, Licensing & Certifications

Proposers to review IOHK/ EMURGO Atala solutions before hand.

Requested funds in USD 240000

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Nation Building Dapps

Goal: $240,000.00
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