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  • Problem statement :

    There is no common libraries to help .NET Developers build on Cardano.

    Describe your solution to the problem

    Build a collection of libraries that will help facilitate .NET development for Cardano.

    Relevant experience

    .NET Developer with over 10 years. Currently managing dozens of microservices over multiple environments using latest .NET Technologies

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    The future of .NET is promising and currently has about 6 million developers. If we had libraries supporting .NET, we could have developers building Web apps, Mobile apps, and Desktop apps (cross platform by 2022) and even Games through the Unity Game Engine.
    Proposed Libraries:
    – CardanoSharp.DbSync: This library will help apps easily connect to the postgres db created from cardano-db-sync. Developers could build explorers or just query blockchain data to support their application.
    – CardanoSharp.Wallet: This library will help developers manage wallets and transactions. Developers can manage ADA, mint Native Assets, and create transactions to support their application.
    CardanoDbSharp (future name: CardanoSharp.DbSync.Dapper) is already under development, open source, and usable today.


    I’m estimating things in blocks of 4 hours.
    Project Estimates:
    – CardanoSharp.DbSync.Dapper: A repository with models, relationships, and some special queries that utilize Dapper as DAL
    – Coding Estimate: 16hrs
    – Documentation Estimate: 8hrs
    – CardanoSharp.DbSync.EntityFramework: A repository with models, relationships, and some special queries that utilize EfCore as DAL
    – Coding Estimate: 24hrs
    – Documentation Estimate: 8hrs
    – CardanoSharp.Wallet.Address: This is essentially a .NET version of cardano-address. Generate Mnemonics, Private/Public Keys, and Addresses
    – Coding Estimate: 64hrs
    – Documentation Estimate: 24hrs
    – CardanoSharp.Wallet.Transactions: This will build and sign transactions.
    – Coding Estimate: 80hrs
    – Documentation Estimate: 24hrs


    – Explorer Demo Utilizing Cardano.DbSync
    – Coding Estimate: 80hrs
    – Wallet Demo Utilizing Cardano.Wallet
    – Coding Estimate: 160hrs
    Total Estimate: 488 Hrs x $40/hr = $19,520

    Requested funds in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. Payment will be in ada. 19520

    Which of these definitions apply to you? Developer, Stakepool operator, Entrepreneur

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.NET Library Collection

Goal: $19,520.00
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