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Problem statement :

Centralized assets devalue, cannot be decentralized without identity and a continuous ecosystem. Discrete games lose value by discontinuity.

Describe your solution to the problem

Novellia platform exposes open-source SDKs,UI,DAO,DEX package so devs make democratic, evolving, decentralized game. Bootstrap with own game

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Team has 3 devs with 20+ years delivering software and 1 product manager. Devs have AI,full-stack,blockchain,networking,game backgrounds.

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Plan in Detail:
If you want more details about the project please see our white-paper at :
The Novellia platform vertically integrates decentralized gaming for NFTs.

User story:

Centralized games result in lost value as servers are shut down, in-game assets become devalued due to economic policy, or become completely inaccessible. Discrete games do not carry over value from priors in a series or multiverse.
The creation of the Novellia platform allows for decentralized assets to acquire a centralized on-chain identity, which carries over between apps released in the same multiverse.


Decentralized assets have increased risk because token issuers are hard to verify and track. The interoperability of decentralized assets is also hard to trace. I.e. it is hard to guarantee that apps claiming to support the same token are in fact referring to the thing and not copycats.

Novella (NVLA) are interoperable with the entire Novellia ecosystem by construction, and assets registered on the DAO are guaranteed to have value as a side-effect of their integration within the Novellia multiverses. Voting ensures that copycats cannot enter the multiverses.


This problem of assets belonging to discrete apps can be solved by creating a continuous form of issuance that carries over to newer products. This evolution does not normally scale to incorporate community decisions.

Further, the Novellia platform bootstraps game content. Apps are built on the back of all previous issued assets. This

continuous integration is moderated through a democratic procedure.

It provides open source software for developers to create a collaborative, decentralized, discrete, multiverses including: games, applications, stories, and artwork. Owners of the Novellia (NVLA) governance token vote to determine consensus and control the direction of each multiverse. Occulta Novellia, a boot-strap game, determines the requirements for the platform as it is developed.




The Novellia (NVLA) token is distributed through an ICO which is unavailable to US residents.

The surreal horror universe Occulta Novellia provides a proof of concept for demonstrating the platform’s capabilities. Occulta Novellia is a turn-based strategy game set in a surreal horror multiverse. Its combat style is inspired by XCOM, DOS, and Fire Emblem series.


The game, along with its NFTs will be heavily story focused, with an emphasis on a lack of filler characters. Players have full ownership of game characters as NFTs in their Cardano Wallet. You can play with them in single player and multiplayer modes, or trade them at a marketplace.


Upon the completion of Occulta Novellia, developers have the tooling necessary to extend the platform without our support. This includes open source software such as modding tools for our closed source game, and those for creating additional multiverses.



IP Policy

  • Open source license for plugins / smart contracts
  • Open source license for Decentralized autonomous organization
  • Open source license for Decentralized exchange
  • Client & Multiplayer game will start closed source
  • Multiplayer game will migrate to open source after development is finished
  • Single Player game will be and always remain closed source


Key Progress Indicators (KPIs):

  • 10k active users by end of year 1 of games release
  • 3 developers developing on our platform by end of year 1 of Novella platform release
  • Cost to trade collectibles is less than 1 USD

Requested funds in USD 60000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Entrepreneur, Stakepool operator, Developer


Occulta Novellia – Game/NFTs/DAO

Goal: $60,000.00
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