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Challenge question :

Write books on a typewriter to represent a stake pool, and publish and distribute the book once the node is saturated.

Why is it important?

The typewriting process emulates the purpose of a decentralized network, in that each page is like a block on the chain.

How does success look like?

Success is saturating a stake pool and releasing literature relating to the human condition.

Key Metrics to measure

How quickly a stake pool can be saturated, and whether or not the author can stay on pace. He will.

Challenge brief

Author (and Cardano holder) writes books to support the saturation of stake pool nodes, completing a book for each pool that reaches saturation. Literature is in support of blockchain technology.

Requested funds in USD 30000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Other/Prefer not to say, Marketing professional, Entrepreneur, Teacher

One Book a Month

Goal: $30,000.00
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