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2,120,000,000 Tons of waste was dumped on the planet and has a huge negative impact on the natural environment.

Describe your solution to the problem

We (Orihon) wish to create a Dapp that will trace waste through our Dapp and renumerate users for doing so.

Relevant experience

Seven years in the IT Field as a Software and Systems Engineer. I have worked for Banks as a Business Analyst and Dassault Systems as Devops

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An eventuel solution to the negative impact of waste is obviously recycling. Orihon will be the entity that will deliver the application to an ecosystem of companies aiming to reduce our effect on the planet.

How ?

The application will be able to trace waste by scanning an article bought at a local store. The article and geolocalisation is then saved on the Cardano blockchain leaving it visible to all.

One of the companies part of the ecosystem named Gazguard has a navy of electric vehicules that will recuperate the waste of a user once the number of scanned waste is reached on the application.

At that point the deliverer will fetch the waste and then process it to qualified recycyling factories.

In exchange for the cooperation of the user we will renumerate them with native tokens (After Mary Hard Fork ) which in turn will provide them exclusive services such as movie tickets.


Why funds are needed ?

The funds required will help with the cost of devellopment of the application as well as the front end part website.


Why will it help Cardano ?

I believe the application will create more usage of the Cardano blockchain as the dapp itself incetivizes people to use it.

Requested funds in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. Payment will be in ada. 50000

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Orihon – Tracing Waste with Cardano

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