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Currently there is no way for the gaming masses to monetize their gameplay performance without serious time investment or monetary risk.

Describe your solution to the problem

PlayerMint is a free-to-play platform that rewards gamers with fungible and non-fungible tokens based on their gameplay performance.

Relevant experience

Our team of 4 has a combined 45 years of experience in gaming and 10 years in blockchain. We’ve worked with EMURGO, E3, IGN, and IDG/GamePro

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Further Context

PlayerMint works to create a more fun, rewarding, and social experience for all players via crypto-assets. For this reason PlayerMint will initially be built as a Discord Bot (Twitch Bot and Application to be built in the future). The PlayerMint Bot will enable Discord Server Owners to create micro-economies within their servers, creating a profitable experience for them and their communities. Users of the bot will be able to get paid to play Fortnite through payouts of PMX, PlayerMints fungible token, which occurs automatically every 5 days. PlayerMint users will be able to collect and trade PlayerMint Collectibles (our NFT system) through PMX.

User Experience

1. Join/create a Discord server with the PlayerMint Bot in it

2. Create a wallet

3. Authenticate Epic Games Account (allows for tracking of in-game performance)

4. Play Fortnite

5. Receive payouts of PMX

6. Use PMX on PlayerMint Collectibles and more

Development Roadmap and Use of Funding

PlayerMint will be developed in two stages by our dev team Kromeon (

V1 – Fungible token system then enables getting paid to play Fortnite via PMX.

V2 – Non-fungible token system that enables trading of PlayerMint Collectibles via PMX.

100% of Catalyst funds would go to paying our dev team (Kromeon) to build PlayerMint. 50% of the funds would go to developing V1 and the other 50% would go to developing V2. We are in the final stages of agreeing upon a Product Requirements Document and believe we could have the product built and launched in Spring of 2021.

A Deeper Look into our Product (Features, Tokenomics, Mockups, and More)

Requested funds in USD 100000

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PlayerMint: Token System for Gamers

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PlayerMint Product DocumentPlayerMint Product Document Glossary Cryptocurrency PMX: The ticker symbol for the PlayerMint cryptocurrency. Vault: A crypto-asset wallet. Non-Custodial: There is no organization that acts as the central holder of other peoples crypto-assets. Rather each individual is in charge and has full owne…


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