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How to improve Cardano ecosystem privacy?

Why is it important?

Privacy gives us the power to choose what information we want to share publicly. Right now, Cardano is lacking privacy features.

How does success look like?

Winning proposals would greatly improve Cardano’s privacy proprieties.

Key Metrics to measure

Did the project improve Cardano’s ecosystem privacy features?

Challenge brief

Cardano is lacking a lot of fundamental privacy features.


By delegating, you are basically sharing all your addresses with the public.

By voting, you are basically sharing your catalyst decisions with the public.

By running Daedalus, you are basically reveling your location to IOG.


I’m not talking about making Cardano a privacy coin, but there is a lot of features that could improvde privacy greatly. Cardano node over tor? Shielded ADA token? More research on Ouroboros Crypsinous?


Why we need privacy features in Cardano? discussion on Cardano forum:

Challenge budget in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. 100000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Entrepreneur, Developer, Stakepool operator

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Privacy challenge

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Why we need privacy features in Cardano?Hi everyone, Blockchain immutability has always been important, but these times call for privacy. Privacy features in Cardano are needed in order to help individuals live within the ecosystem and spend without fear. Now more than ever, we must look to the future cases of Cardano and see whether or not we can make this protocol more private. Thanks, Philippe


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