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Developers and entrepreneurs need a low barrier-to-entry NFT infrastructure to build on or migrate to the Cardano ecosystem.

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Port the PRüF protocol from Ethereum to Cardano, providing a feature-rich, low-or-no-code NFT onramp for both new and existing projects.

Relevant experience

The team has deployed the tested and audited PRüF smart-contract infrastructure and NFT management portal on the ethereum network.

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In this video, Our UX engineer Drake creates a PRüF enabled NFT on the portal and links it to an image. This is done with content-addressable storage on IPFS, which means that the token describes the exact image it represents, and cannot be used to represent any other image or even a modified version of the original image.This is part of the data integrity assurances provided by the PRüF platform


PRüF was initially conceived as a global solution for private and secure asset management. The platform we built on the Ethereum network to achieve that goal is almost universally adaptable to all kinds of tokenization scenarios and includes a rich variety of built-in features that make implementing NFT based projects easier and more extensible than ever before. We propose to bring the extensive capability of the PRüF protocol to the next-generation ecosystem Cardano provides.

Standards-compliant NFTs created or wrapped in PRüF have built-in features for metadata, file or multimedia storage on IPFS, business logic for accepting payments in multiple fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies, escrow and loan contracts, automatic linking via physical or virtual QR-codes, RFID or NFC tags, and a host of other immutable and mutable characteristics and features.

PRÜF lets content creators and developers launch feature-rich, self monetizing, standards-compliant tokens without writing any contract code. The PRüF protocol specifies a minimal set of metadata to ensure that all tokens are fully platform-interoperable – and defines a standards-based format for extensibility limited only by the imagination. Providing a basic set of standards that cover the most common feature requirements while allowing infinite extensibility in a standardized way facilitates the growth of a rich ecosystem of interoperable tools and platforms without locking developers into a fixed paradigm.

With a few minutes of configuration in the ACNode manager portal, teams can launch their NFT within our fully tested and audited contract network, eliminating expensive and time-consuming contract development and audits.

Developers can deploy NFT dApps by incorporating our open source libraries into their websites or by adapting our sample react template to create a customized site with the look and feel desired by the developers.
Using the ACNode management portal, teams can deploy their token, defining their data schemas and customizing the scope of the business logic that will apply to their NFT—all without writing a single line of contract code.

The resulting standards-compliant token will be deployed within a recognized universal NFT network on the blockchain, with a contract-origin pedigree making them instantly recognizable, tradeable, and interoperable with other major platforms.

Operations with tokens created with PRüF can be selectively monetized by developers, creating incentives for the longevity and support of their NFT products. Costs for revenue-generating events can be set individually and can range from 0 to nearly infinite.

Using PRüF enabled NFT assets will make it possible for legacy KEVM based NFT projects to be ported to native Plutus infrastructure without requiring any Plutus development by NFT content providers.

All NFT assets produced using the PRüF infrastructure are standards-compliant and fundamentally interoperable both inside and out of the PRüF ecosystem, though they may vary widely in added content and functionality. This means they can be viewed and interacted with within a common infrastructure, offering NFT developers a ready-made diversity of markets, trading platforms, and galleries that work with all NFTs in the PRüF ecosystem.

Solving the barrier to entry problem paves the way for NFT content creators, and will establish Cardano as a preferred point of entry for NFT based projects. By building out an on-ramp for entrepreneurs and developers that may have little or no blockchain experience, as soon as possible, Cardano will build rapid momentum as the default platform in the NFT space.

Early, rapid adoption and the robust interoperability and forward compatibility of NFTs created with PRüF will lead to network effects and an enduring status for Cardano as the NFT platform of choice.

Platform Governance:

Staking is the core of community governance. The PRüF DAO will work alongside the PRüF Foundation to build out a vibrant and prosperous ecosystem. Over time, the DAO will take over the leadership of the PRüF Foundation, completing the transition to full community governance.

Token holders will be able to stake on any ACNode in the system. Token holder rewards will be determined by node revenues, distributed among the node stakeholders.

Token holders delegate their votes to the nodes they stake on in proportion to their stake. Any stakeholder can propose a resolution, but resolutions are lifted from the table and voted on by Node Quorums.

Along with offering token holders a source of passive income, node staking is expected to bring a vibrant guidance mechanism to the PRüF community; empowering token holders and node operators alike to steer the platform to prosperity and dynamic growth.

Technical Plan:

Phase 1: (6 weeks)
Adapt and rewrite existing contract infrastructure as needed to function correctly on the KEVM side-chain. Perform internal and external testing and audits of contract code.

There are approximately 10k lines of original, pre flattening mission-critical contract code to port and test. We typically maintain a ratio of about 15 lines of test code per line of contract code. (this has been updated to reflect accuracy with current metrics)

Launch, configure and test the contract infrastructure on the KEVM testnet.

Bring PRüF asset management dApp up to 0.2.0 feature set, including updated NFT launchpad interface and MVP in-dApp marketplace.

Phase 2: (6 weeks)
Build, test, and audit additional contract mechanisms necessary for distributing staking rewards.
Factor out and bundle PRüF specific libraries from our portal to create a bundle for web developers to easily integrate into their websites; document the PRüF API to facilitate the development of PRüF portals on other languages and platforms.

Build a simplified, easy to customize “hello world” react template as a starting point for web developers to implement customized portals.

Build additional contract infrastructure needed to support enhanced market functionality; this will enable a global NFT based marketSpace. The marketSpace standard is designed to empower NFT holders and owners of physical tokenized assets to participate in local-first global markets, eventually backed by supply-chain partnerships.

Phase 3: (6 weeks) (2nd round)
Design and deploy web portal to support marketSpace functionality; this will serve as an MVP and example code for NFT teams to design their own marketSpace applications.
Extend the staking mechanism to include DAO / community governance functionality

Finish stake delegation and governance dashboard

Phase 4: (6 weeks?) (2nd round)
Begin the full transition to Plutus. As the Plutus toolchain and testing framework matures, we will transition PRüF to be Plutus-native, while maintaining interoperability for NFT projects ported to the KEVM. This phase should see the contract infrastructure ported, but since tooling and testing resources are limited as of the filing date for this proposal, the details of this process will develop over time.

Community outreach plan – bounty programs and grants:
Starting in phase 2, PRüF will incentivize the developer community and enhance NFT onboarding efforts by providing grant and bounty programs for community outreach efforts and new or existing NFT projects enhanced by the PRüF infrastructure.

Bounties include: 
 Extension of our existing bug-bounty program to the Cardano ecosystem
Bounties for translation of the dApp, whitepaper, API, and other critical developer resources.

Grants include: 
Infrastructure, namespace, and PRüF token grants to NFT developers, as well as extensive handholding and support for early adopters.


The entire outcome of this project will be open-sourced under Apache License 2.0, CC-BY 3.0, or BSD 3.0, depending on the relevant component and preexisting license requirements. Permissive licensing of the contract code will be delayed until after auditing to prevent copies from being launched with unsafe code, harming users.

Funding Allocation plan:

Full time, 50% funding for 4 developers to port PRüF to Cardano, phase 1-2. Estimated 48 person-weeks. Funding for proposal: USD 51840

What success looks like:

Phase 1: (6 weeks) 
PRüF fully deployed and operational on KEVM, Asset management dApp deployed and bug-free with full 0.2.0 feature set.

Phase 2: (6 weeks) 
Developer kit and example dApp available to developers. Prototype MarketSpace back-end contracts tested and deployed, experimental functionality in the in-dev branch of the dApp.
Community Outreach: Several grants and NFT projects actively building or deployed using PRüF enhanced NFT protocols.

Team and relevant experience:

The core PRüF team of 4 full-time developers has a diverse set of technical and project management backgrounds, ranging from career entrepreneurs to micro-satellite sensor design and programming for an academic/NASA collaborative effort.

Two of us have been programming ethereum contracts since 2017, and one of us has a background in A/V arts, music, and design. Everyone on the team has a technical background, with meaningful experience in programming ranging from 7 to 44 years. We have worked together on several multi-year projects, and have developed a working culture that balances cooperation with open critique and debate.

PRüF relies upon a diverse set of individuals and professionals for counsel. We have a PR agency on retainer to handle our publicity/media outreach and work with a network of peers and domain experts when we need to reach out for insight or advice.

We’re just getting started, but we’ve done a lot already. The core contract infrastructure and the basic set of business logic contracts are done, audited, and deployed on the testnet.

We have the MVP dApp interface publicly available (on the kovan testnet) at our website (, and the PRüF utility token is live.

We’re rolling a completely new dApp interface for an improved and simplified user experience, and it’s working really well on screens of all sizes and devices.

We have invested over eleven months of full-time effort into building the premiere universal NFT based asset management platform for users, NFT teams, and content creators, and we have no plans to stop before we accomplish that goal. With your help, we would love to bring PRüF to the Cardano ecosystem!


The Ethos of the PRüF team is codified in our whitepaper ( as follows:

Data Sovereignty – You should be in control of your data and how it is used. PRüF does not collect sensitive data from its users. Whenever personally-identifying information is required, it will be used for computations on the user’s own computer, and only the irreversible hashes made from that data will be stored on the blockchain.

Safety – PRüF systems are engineered so they will not inadvertently or intentionally compromise the security, privacy, or agency of users. PRüF will protect the privacy of its users by collecting the minimum information required to provide the desired service, and clearly informing users of actions that may put their privacy, security, or agency at risk.

Personal Agency – PRüF strives to increase the freedom of its users from the external application of coercive force, whether financial, physical, or social.

Sustainability – As a blockchain-based service, PRüF is designed to stand the test of time. The PRüF protocol is engineered to be flexible, upgradeable, modular, and persistent. PRüF will seek opportunities to incentivize activities that enhance the sustainable uses of PRüF, its applications, and the natural environment we all share.

Do No Harm – The developers of PRüF are committed to building a tool that has a positive impact on society. Many of the design decisions built into the PRüF protocol are designed to facilitate the positive uses of PRüF and discourage bad actors. The PRüF ethos is our commitment to ensuring PRüF will not be used to deprive others of their rights, freedom, or property.

Challenges and risks:

There is a possibility that unforeseen difficulties with the KEVM platform or with porting existing solidity code to the platform will delay development. We may find that it is difficult to find qualified 3rd party auditors to audit the revised contracts for the KEVM environment, which may differ in subtle ways from the EVM.

In the case of KEVM platform or porting difficulties, the team will work diligently to help resolve these issues, but deliverables may be delayed if further development of the KEVM is required to resolve the issues.

If qualified auditors cannot be located, the team will reach out to Catalyst and the greater Cardano community for a solution that will ensure the safety and security of NFT teams and end-users.

Community outreach may fail to achieve the desired results. In this case, the team will adapt our strategy based on the advice of PR professionals, and reach out to the Catalyst community to find an appropriate adaptive response to improve the outcome of our outreach efforts.

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A PRüF end-user story:
NFT Infographic:
Press Releases:

Requested funds in USD 51840

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