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Problem statement :

Right now there is a plain REST API available for communicating with the wallet but no higher-level abstraction classes for Python.

Describe your solution to the problem

Create a Python module that implements base classes for Wallet, Address, Key, Transaction and offers well-structured exception tree.

Relevant experience

I’m experienced Python developer and the main author of a similar module for Monero:

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The implementation will provide base classes for Wallet, Address, Transaction and perhaps some other base types. The amounts will be processed by Decimal type designed for monetary operations. Operations like wallet retrieval, creation, sending transfers, etc. will be provided as methods, sparing the developers from touching the underlying API.

Also, basic sanity checks will be implemented and a proper excepton tree will be created to handle errors in elegant OO way.

The REST API will be the backend but the module will also provide forward compatibility to introduce other backends should some appear later on.

The module will also include full documentation and unit test coverage.

A glance over a similar module I’ve written for Monero may explain what level of easiness the final code will provide:

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Python module

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monero-ecosystem/monero-pythonA comprehensive Python module for handling Monero cryptocurrency – monero-ecosystem/monero-python


emesik – Overviewemesik has 28 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.


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