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LinkedIn have a monopoly power over professionals data that gives them an unfair capture of the value created by the professionals.

Describe your solution to the problem

Self sovereign professional profile that can be linked to protocols and services where some may offer benefits for that data

Relevant experience

Full stack developer, 5+ years experience, built full stack web and mobile applications from design to implementation.

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The purpose of the Serv network professional profile is to help professionals with regaining ownership over their data and the value they provide. Professionals should own and build up a professional reputation without the risk of it being taken away or owned by another entity.

The scope for the fund 3 proposal is to research the self sovereign identity market and produce a technical specification on how the professional profile will be developed. The research will also help produce content on the identity market looking at the publications and existing solutions in the market.

Serv network has a longer term plan to become a decentralized network for professionals where they will own their professional data, create professional connections and be able to offer their services whilst building up an online reputation. The website [2] highlights some of the issues with existing marketplaces in the initial whitepaper.



The first version of the product will allows users to create and maintain a professional profile that they can also link up to their personal identity. The initial aim for the profile will be to develop partnerships and integrations with other protocols and services to create a ‘win win’ scenario for new users where they get a benefit for linking up their profile.

An example application of the value of the professional profile data – The Brave browser provides BAT tokens to users for seeing adverts through their platform. Advertisers in this network would benefit from understanding who is interacting with those adverts or when the network is larger targeting specific customers. Linking a professional profile would provide those advertisers more valuable feedback and offer a higher advertising budget for that data. This value can be passed onto the users by offering them more BAT tokens per month for those users who link their professional profile with the platform.


Strategy and work roadmap

The fund 3 scope will focus on the creation of a technical specification of the professional profile along with content aimed to help future projects.

This approach to restrict the initial scope will help to minimise upfront investment, build trust in the community and allow for more collaboration and feedback before implementation. You can find out more information on the strategy behind this decision in the fund 3 project information –

The project fund 3 information also includes the benefits and potential markets of the professional profile, the tasks that will be completed for the initial part of work and some notes on the development phase of work.


Educational content

Initially the focus for educational content will be around the self sovereign identity market which will be an important part of a professional profile.

  • Article covering self sovereign identity publications looking at definitions, more useful high level information and providing a list of the most insightful and relevant publications.
  • Article covering the current top solutions for self sovereign identity in the market (e.g. Atala Prism, IDX, SelfKey, etc) covering functionality, adoption, approaches to providing assurances, integration and the roadmap.

Future content for the next phase of the project will focus on the development of the profile.



  • George Lovegrove – Developer with 5+ years experience working across web and mobile. More recently learning smart contract development reading a Haskell book for Plutus and looking at courses and content for Solidity for examples. With one person on the team the project scope will stay low and allow for gathering more feedback before considering adding more resources.
  • Plutus Mentor – Open position! Anyone that could be a Plutus mentor would be appreciated to give feedback on development at different stages if Plutus was the selected development path.
  • Reach ( Mentor – Chris from Reach has offered to mentor any development using the Reach language if that is the selected development path.
  • Collaborators – If you have any ideas or are interested in working on the project in anyway please leave a comment!



[1] Fund 3 Discord channel –
[2] Website –
[3] Fund 3 Proposal information –
[4] Medium blog (examples of previous content creation) –
[5] Professional profile data notes –

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