Short Story

Problem statement :

Large satellite constellations are wreaking havoc on Astronomy Research, at the same time the benefit to the rural and poor is incalculable.

Describe your solution to the problem

Small Sat based Telescopes, built with off the shelf components, launched as ride share on SpaceX rockets.

Relevant experience

My primary background is in logistics, I have worked at the engineering level for an Observatory also at the logistics level for SpaceX.

Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

The first phase of my proposal is to conduct research leveraging my contacts in the Astronomy community, as well as with SpaceX, to determine the physical, financial, and market constraints on a potential line of small scale space telescopes.


The long term intent is to design, build, and launch as many telescopes as there is market demand for with a build cost as low as possible, using off the shelf components. The larger the number of satellites the more the initial design research can be ameliorated.


The planned interface and payment system for this project is ideal ground for a DApp to tie together 4 widely different industries with Cardano. This would drive a market for Ada as the currency of Science, and have a positive impact on public acceptance of Cryptocurrencies and DApps world wide.


The over all social goal is to bridge the gap between Astronomers, and astronomy students who are constantly getting in each others way looking for telescope time, and with SpaceX, OneWeb, and Blue Origin who are building megastructures in orbit that will have profound impacts on uplifting the human race. To create a solution to a problem being created by the conflict between progress, and academics, simultaneously paving a new pathway for new students to enter the field of Astronomy with state of the art technology available to them.

Requested funds in ada. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. 500000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Other/Prefer not to say, Developer, Entrepreneur

Small Sat Telescopes on ride share.

Goal: $500,000.00
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Small Sat Telescopes on ride share.


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