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from: Jonas Iniguez

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Challenge question :

How can we promote Cardano and include the young generation to the network?

Why is it important?

Young people will change the world and will empower this technology and the blockchain era more than anybody.

How does success look like?

Young people download and uses Daedalus after being exposed to Cardano’s promotion on Tik Tok, Instagram and Gaming Youtube

Challenge brief

This challenge consists in 3 strategies to promote Cardano’s network in mainstream social media networks in order to attract the young generation resulting in visibility, wallet downloads, usage and education.

Tik Tok strategy:

Creation of engaging content related to Cardano and crypto

Creation of trending content not crypto related adding but Cardano, ADA and crypto tags

Instagram strategy (Female focus):

Contact of several emergent models (10K to 100K followers). Then, propose the following: exchange of downloading the wallet and advertise it in their content (model downloading the wallet and hashtags) versus giving them access to our community. Then create a website with the list of models that downloaded the wallet and share it with our community.

Give the models some visibility in our community by promoting them in Cardano youtube channels and Cardano youtubers that are willing to support them.

Our community can support them by following, liking, writing messages and giving donations.

Gaming Youtube (Male focus):

Creation of engaging and trending (highlights and funny moments) 2 to 4min edited video of several amateur gamers that have a growing follower amount and put Cardano Logo, Wallet and info as a sponsor/add

Ask to mentioned gamers to share our video

Give the gamers some visibility in our community by promoting them in Cardano youtube channels and Cardano youtubers that are willing to support them.



Developers and Entrepreneurs might get interested in building on Cardano because of indirectly being exposed to mainstream social media promotion. e.g. friend of a friend mentions Cardano OR dev/entrepreneur is consumer of a certain influencer’s content.

Bitcoin’s popularity as a potential safe heaven asset, crypto adoption by institutions such as banks, inflation, recession, lockdowns, unemployment and global political instability in 2021 make this year a crucial time to promote a smart contract delivered platform as much and as possible.

Challenge budget in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. 200000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Entrepreneur

Want to register as a community advisor? Confirm all following statements are true: I want to serve as a community advisor. I did not submit a funding proposal for Fund3. I am not affiliated with any proposing team in Fund3. I commit to provide fair and thoughtful reviews. I confirm, all of the above statements are true.

Social media promotion

Goal: $200,000.00
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