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I think there is a lot of people here like me with not much knowing about DevOps, or Linux commands, and they want to set up stake pools

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If devs can create Linux or Windows GUI installer? Or even some kind of “Ubuntu” version already prepared for running stake pool? or node?

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I have basic experience in Linux, most of the time used Windows OS. I’m not a developer.

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Any tool which can help set up cardano stake pool, or even only cardano node – like “Cardano on the Rock”. If devs can create a Linux GUI interface which help normal user to set up and run cardano stake pool in a easy way, step by step, no matter if that will be for Windows or Linux.
And nodes source code are updated almost every month, any type of update app can help a lot for beginners user.


Is any dev here can comment about that idea ? What’s will be the easiest way to create such a tool ?


I saw Guide how to set up cardano stake pool on CoinCashew, and it’s massive.

If the Cardano network will benefit in the future from many stake pools or nodes around the world, why not make much easier to set up them ? 🙂

Also, sorry for my English, I’m aware of that I made mistakes in few places.

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Software for easy setup stake pools

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