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Problem statement :

Small stake pool operators struggle to find delegaters to their stake pool. They rely on incentives like giving to charity to entice people.

Describe your solution to the problem

Creation of a marketing platform that connects the right delegater to the right pool. Dependent upon preferences and obligations.

Relevant experience

No relevant experience. I am a student who believes in Cardano, who is willing to partner with skilled professionals to make this reality.

Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

This platform bases upon the idea that stake pool operators want loyal people delegating their stake. As a starting point, I want to connect African diaspora in the western world (e.g. USA, UK) to stake pools that donate some of their funds to a relevant charity. This system benefits all three parties – 1. The delegaters invest in an asset that beats inflation, and they also contribute to something humanitarian/meaningful, 2. The stake pool operators gain loyal people 3. Charities benefit from the good cause. Ultimately, this also increases the decentralization of the cardano network and advances our community and the world for the better.

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Stake Pool Operator Marketing

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