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  • Problem statement :

    Buying your first home is a challenge for a lot of people. Also people who have savings are getting pitiful APY on their funds.

    Describe your solution to the problem

    Stiff.Money helps first time home buyers work towards homeownership with lease-to-own smart contracts. And provides other people awesome APY

    Relevant experience

    I used Hard Money to get out of poverty flipping two homes, but have had a hard time getting approved for a conventional loan for a home.

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    Imagine if you could get a great yield on money you put in your piggy bank and help others become first time home owners at the same time. Well with Stiif.Money you can do just that.


    Deposit any funds and receive 10% APY for 6 or 12 month term, and while earning you will also be providing other people the opportunity to lease-to-own there first home.


    Please see the website and pitch deck for more info

    Currently built the token and staking contracts on ETH and plan to try and use the ERC20 converter and KEVM to migrate them on to Cardano. Funding would be used to create the backend code and DEV work required to make smart contracts operate on top of Cardano.


    I built the token and staking contract for ETH first because I knew the ERC20 converter and KEVM was coming and thought it would be an easy way to launch on Cardano since native assets and smart contracts were not available when I start tinkering on this idea.


    This concept of yield and DeFi for a good cause could bring major attention and users to the ecosystem!

    Requested funds in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. Payment will be in ada. $10,000

    Which of these definitions apply to you? Entrepreneur, Developer, Marketing professional

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Goal: $10,000.00
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