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Sustainable ADA will expand outreach and education for explaining use cases/examples of how Cardano can help create a sustainable world.

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The goal is to connect aspects of Cardano to our current SDGs creating an equal and sustainable world with this blockchain technology.

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I am a senior at the University of New Hampshire an Economics Major, and a dual major in Sustainability. Experienced Sustainability research

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To create a starter kit and a network that promotes the adoption and ability Cardano has to change the world and make it a more sustainable place. Creating informational content with ways it can connect to our current sustainable development goals. In addition, sharing as projects are created and ran on Cardano their use cases and how they can implement new technologies and partnerships with Cardano to help increase the network’s ability to make the world a more sustainable and equal place.
– Create informational content, exploring how Cardano can make the world more sustainable or help work towards completing current (SDGs).
– Create a network exploring and promoting current projects running on Cardano, that will help make strives towards a sustainable world.
– Encourage other members from outside the community to come in and implement their sustainable projects on or working with Cardano’s blockchain technology.

Requested funds in USD 50,000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Marketing professional, Entrepreneur, Developer, Teacher


Sustainable ADA

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