Short Story

Problem statement :

Talented people in this ecosystem have trouble promoting their websites, dApps, and projects that bring value to the Cardano ecosystem.

Describe your solution to the problem

I create a live podcast that promotes long form discussion where people can demo their projects and proposals to a wider audience.

Relevant experience

I have been creating YouTube videos for Cardano for over a year and I have a large enough audience to give their projects a platform.

Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

This podcast was first called for by Charles Hoskinson, he called it the use & utility podcast in this video:


My plan for this podcast is to create a new live episode every week featuring valuable members from the community. There are a lot of ideas already in the short time that has been available, people will need a way to get their ideas out to the community. I will allow anyone to contact me and tell me what they are building at my email During the podcast the guests will have the chance to demo the product live or to just talk. The main goal for the guest is to tell the community how their proposal/project will bring or has already brought value to the ecosystem. It’s also important that while they’re on my platform that viewers will have the opportunity to ask them questions about the information that the guest gave during the podcast. Fifteen minutes at the end of every podcast will be dedicated to answering viewers questions in an AMA style. I will also create a second channel and spend time curating clips from the original podcast into 10-20 minute videos for people that do not have the time to watch the whole podcast. The podcast will also be uploaded to all major platforms including Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple podcasts, and more.

I wanted to answer a little more on the question “What problem am I trying to solve?” but I am limited to 140 characters. Here is what I am trying to solve:

– Within the Cardano community I speak to talented people everyday whom are building dApps, websites, communities, interests groups, and more. Oftentimes these talented people do not have the time or skills to market their projects and may be too technical for the average community member. I am trying to give these people a platform to display how their projects will bring value to the community, and to also relay the technical information.

To ensure voters can see the growth of this podcast I will release the analytics of the videos once a month. Here are a few examples of what the data looks like from my past few podcasts/interviews:

You can find a link to my YouTube channel here:

I have already created the podcast to allow you to see if I have the relevant experience. You can find the link the the first podcast with Emurgo’s Sebastien Guillemot here:


The second episode is with the creator of pooltool, you can watch that episode here(it was awesome!):


Here are the links to the third and fourth episode of the podcast:




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The Cardano Aura Podcast

by Peyton

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