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Problem statement :

It should be possible to make a living contributing to open-source, but open-source suffers from pervasive instability and lack of funding.

Describe your solution to the problem

Create a graphical DApp to manage open source governance, including consensus and funding

Relevant experience

Chad Kirby is a product manager and engineer with real-world experience developing B2B SaaS software products and business models.

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“Work on your passion. Pay your bills.”

Our mission is to provide stability and drive prosperity to open source software projects by delivering a blockchain-based governance and treasury system that OSS projects can use as a foundation.



We believe this project will deliver huge impact in the Cardano ecosystem. We envision a future where open source lives and breathes Cardano. ADA will be the means of funding and compensation while Plutus smart contracts will enforce team contracts that drive collaborative productivity.

Not only will this expose the entire open source ecosystem to Cardano, it will be the very means of driving successful collaboration and value transfer, bringing thousands of users into the Cardano ecosystem in a deep and meaningful way — relying on Cardano to handle their means of income and spending.



Contributor Flow:

Project Owner Flow:




Market: We’re focusing on the open source software market, because its needs are a close fit with the strengths of blockchain contracts. So far, everyone else making DAOs or DO software has tried to solve the problem in such a broad way that it doesn’t address any specific needs in the market.

Product: The product addresses governance, which covers the three top issues in open source software today: Funding, Disagreements, Community toxicity. By supporting the open source ecosystem, we hope to fuel development of free and open software that benefits the members of all digital ecosystems.

As we grow, our automated donation mechanism will continue to fund the project and provide a source to self-fund and to continue to deliver value to open source projects everywhere. We hope to become a de-facto solution for new and established open source projects. If we can drive success in the open source community, we hope to initiate a virtuous cycle by which Torus can create value as well as benefit from the value created by the open source community.


What are the next steps?

With funding from Project Catalyst, we can afford to develop a beta version of this software within 6 months

1. Design a software application with

– User profiles

– Circle membership

– Badges

– Trust levels

– ADA wallet payouts

– Git integration

2. Design mechanisms for

– Trust levels

– Badges

3. Make interactive wireframe prototypes

4. Test with partners

5. Develop core wallet-interaction logic

6. Develop application

7. Test

8. Iterate

9. Polish Beta version

10. Release


The requested 150000 ADA will fund this project through the first three steps only. We will continue to submit proposals in the next rounds to complete development.


So far we have

– Deployed a prototype on ETH, tested it in a closed-alpha testing round.

– Conducted surveys with the OSS community,

– Started designing the governance model framework on which modules will be added (See attached).

* Visit our Github –

* And check our alpha prototype (MetaMask browser extension required)-

We’ve been working on this concept for a year now.

Founder Linkedin:

Thank you for reading!

Requested funds in ada. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. 150000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Entrepreneur, Developer

Torus: Governance for Open-Source

Goal: $150,000.00
By Chad
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