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Large Example Projects for Devs

Problem statement :

How can we provide a paved path for developers to understand all the technologies that need to come together to build a decent sized dapp?

Describe your solution to the problem

Build a reference dapp (for example, a Uniswap v1 clone) from front to back, for people to study, that is well documented and open source.

Relevant experience

  • Professional full-stack developer (5 years), in the infosec industry
  • Stake pool operator (Kangaroo Stake Pool)
Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

There are a number of initiatives on Catalyst for developing educational content for Cardano developers, targeting various sectors. A lot of these projects will suffer from lack of project-market fit: developer portals or hubs that are also actually used by professional developers are few and far between in the rest of the software development world; and you find that most developer websites on the web generally degenerate into content mills for ad revenue after time.


What professional developers are actually asking for, are well-documented libraries, workarounds (posted on Github issues/gists) for the bugs they encounter, high quality blog posts that have already solved their specific technical problems, tutorials for their introductory project idea on Medium, and answers to their questions on StackExchange before they need to ask them.
This project intends to be in the second bucket.


This full web application would be a worked example for a number of apparently solved, but yet thinly documented technical problems:

  • How to allow a user to authenticate with a dapp (how do we obtain their public key, or a signed message from them)
  • How can a web app interact with smart contracts (yet unsolved by IOHK, but should be by the time fund4 is funded)
  • How does a Cardano web app handle native assets?


  • Github repositories with the project code. Well documented, as similar as reasonable to the existing project we are cloning, for easy compare and contrast.
  • Supporting developer blog posts, covering any key pain points in the development process and how they were solved. Putting the information where people are going to look.
  • Updates to existing documentation sources where lacking, filing issues with relevant project repositories, or submitting updates to code repositories.


Plugging the ‘in-the-trenches’ bottlenecks in the Cardano developer experience across all platforms (Github, StackExchange, Medium, forums, code libraries) should become a future recurring activity on Catalyst, however I am first gauging interest in funding such activities with an initial project with limited scope.

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Large Example Projects for Devs

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