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Ideal state: businesses use digital coupons to increase sales volume.

Problem: digital coupon issuance is expensive.

Describe your solution to the problem

Create a cost-effective service to create and manage digital coupons as native assets on the Cardano blockchain.

Relevant experience

Software developer since 2012

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The coupon industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, with a projected 145 million users in the U.S., alone.
The cost of issuing digital coupons currently requires the services of third-party companies that charge hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month. One example of such a service is passkit.
What is a universal coupon?
At its essence a universal coupon is a promise of value from issuer to recipient. This presents a perfect opportunity to demonstrate the utility of two Goguen-era features: Native Assets and Metadata


User Story
A small business owner, (aka “client-issuer”), uses a paid-service via web interface to create digital coupons in the form of a native asset. The native asset includes meta-data that specifies the terms of the coupon. The simple contract proves issue/recipient, thus could used as proof of “meeting of the minds,” should there be disagreement requiring legal remedy.


— Low cost
— Offer of services means client-issuer, nor customer-recipient would need to own/understand cryptocurrency
— Definition of a coupon is extended to mean “Discount Purchase Agreement,” e.g. “Alice pays Bob $1000 for $2000 of future services.”

— Because native assets can be destroyed, expired coupons will not pollute the ledger


Project Cost

Wage: $25/hr, 20 hrs/wk, 26 wks – $13000

AWS/Snowflake (infrastructure) – $2000

Legal services – $5000

Marketing – $2000

— Employ product management tools, similar to Jira to track progress
— Create backend web platform using Django, cardano-graphql, graphene
— Create front-end web interface using Javascript and other web-technologies


Project completion estimat – 6 months


Key Performance Indicators and Roadmap

— Month 1: Agile product backlog/user stories created. Research requirements, choose frameworks/infrastructure/tooling, etc.

— Month 2-3: Front-end prototype, API design and other backend development

— Month 4-5: Continue development, deploy MVP website to staging for feedback, hire marketing/legal

— Month 6: Refine implementation based on feedback, deploy “beta” software to production.


Intellectual Property
The brand will be privately owned, but owners will seek to open-source any libraries/packages created in the course of implementation.

Requested funds in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. Payment will be in ada. 22150

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Universal coupon

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