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Often people don’t know the potential of blockchain technology and usually think of Bitcoin or a digital currency without function.

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Creation of an easy-to-use and understandable dApp version of a virtual closet where you can collect and stake (ADA) your purchased clothes.

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Business Administration student (Focus on digitization)

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The purpose of the virtual closet is to show people there also exists an easy way to participate in blockchain technology.

By buying the clothes they get their first ADA (these are deposited on an NFC or will be activated after scanning the chip) and they can also stake them in a pool of their choice. Everyone can choose a pool in which they want to stake their ADA. There is not only one staking pool in the virtual closet, but a variety of pools to choose from.

The virtual closet is expected to bring many people into the Cardano ecosystem, which should also help with the decentralization of pools in the long run.

Later on, it can also be decided together whether a connection to the Defi-space should be enabled in order to create liquidity in the Cardano-Defi-space.


We are currently trying to implement this idea with Cryptellion.

Cryptellion is supposed to be a brand that emerges with the blockchain community. It is for people who are future-oriented and ready to go new ways. The first step is to perceive clothing in a different way (as today) and give it more appreciation. It is not only the value of the clothing but also the value of the technology behind it.

It should not only be sustainable but also authentic, and allow people a new way of dealing with clothing.


Currently, we are in the procurement and development phase.

To finance the idea and the development we enable people who believe in the idea, to support us by pre-ordering a Mystery Bag. This contains a piece of clothing of the LegIT Collection and will also have a special status in the dApp so that the early adopters will be rewarded for their support in the future.

The LegIT-Collection will be delivered at the same time as the dApp will be released.


At the moment I’m putting all my savings and time into the project and I know the risk. But I believe that this way we can reach many people and create something that everyone can integrate into their everyday life.

The funding could help us to implement the idea faster so that we can contribute our part to the Cardano ecosystem and make Cardano accessible to a wide range of people.



Our team is still small, but if anyone likes the idea and wants to be a part of it, feel free to contact us.

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Virtual closet (to stake ADA)

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Cryptellion – Buy IT. Wear IT. Collect IT.Cryptellion stands for breaking new grounds and taking risks even if it is not always easy. It is for all these people who work hard on changing the world of tomorrow and fostering innovations every day. Our LegIT collection is the first step to create a brand with YOU.


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