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Problem statement :

All effort in Catalyst participation should be rewarded. 90% of the effort is lost, resulting in a large* motivation-gap per fund.

Describe your solution to the problem

To stop wasting decision effort, VA tackles design challenges through Social Apps which guide people to desired outcomes.

Relevant experience

25yr of digital product design. Fund3 Conversational UX/UI Proposal.

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* Would be amazing if we could calculate cost, but the current system does not track effort. It is a fact though that 90% of effort is not funded.

Desired OutcomesWe want to reward people for all their effort through design challenges in social apps instead of proposals.

Social AppsSocial apps are conversational design systems, which send design challenges through the network in a time-boxed manner. This opens the door towards turn-based and guided-based problem-solving. Good intent tokens are the currency within the Voltaire Assistant ecosystem.

Social App UseSocial apps can be unlocked with participation points, or bought with GIN tokens.
Finishing Social Apps results in Experience points in your data profile
Reputation is built in successfully finishing chapters in Social Apps and released Good Intent Token.

Social App Requirements
Social apps use time-boxing and Good Intent Token rewards to attract talent.
Social apps use conversation design, not page-based design (Actionable Chat)
Social apps use an experience points progression system to unlock other social apps.
Social apps have an overall storyline (chronologic order from Don’t Know → Catalyst Ambassador Status)

RationaleUsing a centralized individual-based proposal system makes no sense in a decentralized node-based system. If we want to pave the way towards problem-solving with a swarm, we must rethink our methods. Voltaire Assistant uses an iterative design method to discover new thinking for new posibilities.

Initial Social App list (Build the system with the system)
1. Voltaire Assistant Onboarding
2. Index Talent | Who is good at what?
3. Rewarded Design Challenges | Build Voltaire Components aka Conversational Modules, Scripts
4. Build a Social Profile | Hard & Soft Skills
5. Build / Earn Reputation (Get rewarded by participation in Social Apps through good intent tokens)
6. Build Dream Teams | Good Intent tokens | Teams of three
7. Social App voting center (Index & Build Social Apps for actual Catalyst problems)
8. Goal Setting | Urgency = Event/Situation x frequency x negative emotion.

Guiding Questions Distributed decision-making
***How do we encourage people to participate in decision-making?***By paying for participation instead of paying for proposals.
Gamification principles play another role in activation.


How do we ensure the group of decision-makers is diverse and accessible to newcomers?
By targeting the onboarding scripts in diverse communities.


How can we ensure that the Catalyst process keeps iterating to improve?
By building Social Apps, Conversational Modules & Scripts that tailor solutions to actual problems.


How will we include the community in decision-making?
By sending problems through the network, instead of centralizing problem-solving.

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Voltaire Assistant (VA / Iteration)

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Voltaire Assistant (Yagni)The co-creation network for the swarm


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