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Advertising is a $500+ Billion dollar a year industry, most of that money being spent to influence you is causing problems not solving them!

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Cause-Integrated Advertising offers businesses a way to use marketing as a force for good and WTIM gives people power and influence over ADs

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WeThinkItMatters is almost finished with V2 of our platform, WTIM sold a $10k campaign to an insurance biz in the past and is improved since

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WeThinkItMatters® is a cause-integrated marketing platform for businesses to use advertising dollars for positive impact. And where people can engage in raising money for causes with just the tap of their finger, no donation required!

Maybe you may have heard about BAT, Basic Attention Token for advertising on Brave Browser running on Ethereum. Well WTIM is a cause based attention token being built on Cardano, and WTIM token rewards people for giving their attention in campaigns that create funding for nonprofits. WeThinkItMatters® is like Basic Attention Token (BAT) in some ways, but much Much better in many ways!

BAT is a blockchain based way to advertise like WeThinkItMatters, but doesn’t work anything like WTIM. As a matter of fact you could use the Brave browser to engage with a WeThinkItMatters campaign, you can use any device in the world that has an internet browser to engage on WTIM. BAT you can only get when you are using Brave browser, and none of the AD revenue they make does anything to help nonprofits or improve the world. BAT is basically creating and selling the same models of ADs that have always been used but on blockchain, it really is very basic attention. WTIM on the other hand is delivers Premium value for Attention!

WeThinkItMatters® also known as WTIM for short works better, and is generating new streams of philanthropic funding with responsible advertising campaigns. Our unique cause-integrated marketing model uses some of the AD spending of $500+ BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR in a way that has a positive impact in the world.

Important things about WeThinkItMatters Inc. and WTIM:
1. WeThinkItMatters Inc. is a for-profit business that sells advertising campaigns to other businesses that want to get Triple Bottom Line ROI from marketing dollars.


2. WeThinkItMatters Inc. uses 60% of the money businesses spend advertising on our Cause-Integrated Marketing PaaS to support nonprofits that partner to share and promote the campaigns businesses sponsor.


3. While all other advertising platforms use 0% of their revenue from advertisers to support nonprofits, WeThinkItMatters Inc. uses more than half of our revenue to improve the world.


4. WeThinkItMatters Inc. creates new sources of funding for nonprofits with money that was never going to be donated to them, we generate funding from money that was going to be spent on marketing to you.


WTIM contributes funding to nonprofits through a cause sponsorship business model. WeThinkItMatters campaigns produce more than just metrics like Click Through Rate and Time Spent with Media.


WTIM our Triple Bottom line ROI and global impact, our cause-integrated media generates awareness and funding for nonprofits in addition to giving your brand three times the engagement for a lower CPC.


By creating cross sector partnerships and innovative technology our marketing PaaS provides more ROI at every level of operation.


People want to see more positive news about what companies are doing to give back and how they support the communities they operate in.


WeThinkItMatters is an easy way for brands to use money they are already spending trying to reach people, to engage with people online doing something positive for the community.


WeThinkItMatters® cause integrated advertising platform is also a fundraising technology that offers nonprofits an easy way to generate funding for their mission without having to ask people to give it.


WTIM provides businesses a place to invest advertising dollars into marketing campaigns that offer better metrics and benefit charities at the same time.


Partnering nonprofit organizations have access to our platform for free as a means to raise awareness and funds for their cause. All nonprofits have to do is share their affiliate link and the actions people take after clicking will raise money for the nonprofit that shared the link.


Financial Strategy and Revenue Model:
WeThinkItMatters Inc. will primarily generate revenues from selling digital advertising space and marketing services. To a lesser extent, we will sell other cause related deals, and items such as apparel, event tickets, and more.


Consumer driven, Corporate supported:
WeThinkItMatters relies on people’s attention and rewards them for it. It does not rely on their consumers’ spending. Revenue is generated from the business who are advertising on the platform who are being seen by people.

The incentives for a business to spend advertising dollars on a WeThinkItMatters Campaign are multiple.

1. Advertisers get 3 times more impressions from a CPA (Cost Per Action) than they get on any other media in the industry, and for a lower CPA than the industry standard. So WTIM cost less and provides 3x times the engagement compared to anything on the market.


2. Advertisers get a guarantee that 60% of whatever they spend will be benefiting charities and making a positive impact in our global communities. So they could spend $1 with our competitors and have $0 do anything good for their employees and customers, or they could spend $1 with WTIM and know $.60 went to make a difference.


3. Advertisers get a guarantee that 10% of whatever they spend will go to those they are engaging with. So if they advertise with our competitors and spend $1 most of the time $0 is going to the person they are advertising to. With WTIM $.10 of every $1 spent on advertising on WTIM goes to lotteries Members can win.


4. Advertisers get guaranteed that every engagement they paid for was with a real person who was paying attention and will be reminded of working together with the advertiser doing something good.

The funding requested in this proposal will be used to cover cost of developing 2 Native Assets and at least 2 Smart Contracts on the Cardano Blockchain. With dcfunding we will finish building out the Dapp to work with the blockchain, create and launch our Smart Advertising Contract, and create and mint two Native Assets on the Cardano blockchain. We are working with the African Blockchain Center for Developers (ABCD) and will continue to and hire atleast one more DEV with haskell experience. The funding requested in this proposal with incubate the DEV ecosystem in Cardano. Also the Funding will create two native assets people can start benefiting from.

What WTIM Tokens(fungible token) Can Be Used For:

WTIM Tokens can be traded for products offered by advertisers, or they can be exchanged for lottery tickets, or traded for cash from other Members and advertisers.

What WTIM Share Certificates(non-fungible token NFT) Are Used For:

Each WTIM Share Certificate can be used as a Lottery Ticket that can win money from jackpots that are created from money spent advertising on WeThinkItMatters. Every WTIM Share Certificate is unique and increases your chances of winning revenue from WTIM.


ETH has BAT, ADA could have a way Better Attention Token with WTIM!

Requested funds in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. Payment will be in ada. 10,000

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WeThinkItMatters, Cause-based Dapp

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