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Brands spend over $500Billion a year trying to influence people, while at the same time Millions of people are starving, homeless, & in need

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Cause-Integrated Marketing PaaS leveraging themoney brands spend on advertising to create sustainable funding for causes impacting all of us

Relevant experience

Over 10 years of experience in marketing and nonprofit fundraising. And we have never lived in such a time of demand 4 corporate citizenship

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This request for funding directly achieves the challenge of encouraging DEVs and Dapps to be built on the Cardano blockchain in the next 6 months, by doing exactly that. The funding provided will help in the creation of the WeThinkItMatters dApp on Cardano and be a Advertising business using Cardano Blockchain. The creation of the dApp will employ multiple DEVs that were not building on Cardano before working on WeThinkItMatters. Our use case on the Cardano blockchain is in a major industry that is spending $500+ BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. And WeThinkItMatters dApp will be an opportunity for people to use Cardano’s blockchain in a way that has a positive impact in the world.

Important things about WeThinkItMatters Inc. and WTIM:

1. WeThinkItMatters Inc. is a for-profit business that sells advertising campaigns to other businesses.

2. WeThinkItMatters Inc. uses 60% of the money businesses spend advertising on our PaaS to support nonprofits.

3. While all other advertising platforms use 0% of their revenue from advertisers to support nonprofits, WeThinkItMatters Inc. uses more than half of our revenue to improve the world.

4. WeThinkItMatters Inc. creates new sources of funding for nonprofits with money that was never going to be donated to them, but was going to be spent marketing to you.



The Cardano Effect, The Gaunlet WTIM interview




For Businesses, the problem is click fraud and that even if real people are the ones clicking the ADs, those ADs are not really connecting with most people or having a positive impact on them. Also, people are expecting businesses to be better corporate citizens and businesses have to do more than ever to show people how they are helping.

For Nonprofits, the problem is funding is tight and charities primarily rely on people to support the work they do to improve our communities. Also, nonprofits can’t really spend much money on ADs but they still have to compete for the same consumer dollars that businesses are spending over $500+ billion a year on ADs to influence people.

For People, the problem is they already donate 15X to 20X times more money to Nonprofits than Businesses donate to nonprofits each year. This is while businesses are gaining more wealth and people are losing it a rapid pace. Also, people’s attention is valuable and businesses spend big money for it, but people don’t get anything from that spend.



WeThinkItMatters Cause-Integrated Marketing Platform as a Service (PaaS) where Businesses get a better ROI from the money they spend on advertising campaigns,

and nonprofits can get attention without spending money, and get funding in campaigns without having to ask for a donation,

and any person in the world can get the same value for their attention and engagement in the WeThinkItMatters dApp.



Develop WTIM’s Smart Advertising Contract used in our cause-integrated marketing campaigns to operate on Cardano’s blockchain

Develop WTIM Token and WTIM Share Certificate as Native Assets on Cardano’s blockchain that can be traded and exchanged in our private marketplace

Create WTIM dApp so it is a rewarding experience for people, businesses, and nonprofits by creating funding for causes with money spent by advertisers



A dApp consisting of mobile-friendly front-end and scalable back-end designed to work with the Cardano blockchain. An easy to use dashboard where anyone can raise money for nonprofit causes with just the tap of their finger, no donation required. And marketing PaaS that is the most responsible and sustainable place in the world for businesses to advertise.

WeThinkItMatters Campaigns feature a cause, an advertiser, and two nonprofits, and engage people in voting for one of them to get funding from the money the advertiser spent sponsoring the campaign. And then based on all the votes in the campaign funding is paid to the nonprofits, and then later those nonprofits share stories about what that funding received did for their mission, and those stories are shared with the voters.



Starting a nonprofit 11 years ago opened my eyes to the challenges nonprofits face in the marketplace, especially when it comes to marketing and trying to get people’s attention without spending money on advertising. And now working in the Advertising Industry for the last 10 years I have witnessed a shift and demand for more cause-based and impactful marketing tactics. Also a rapid adoption from brands to become better corporate citizens and use more sustainable business practices. The marketplace is hungry for better ways to do business, and WeThinkItMatters is leading the innovation for marketing ROI and will have unmatched guarantees in the industry because of our Smart Advertising Contract.



Front-End – Weeks 1-4

We will work collaboratively with a few developers to create the User Interface so that WTIM campaigns look and work great across all devices, PC, Pads, Phones. The front-end will be built with Vue and deployed in the cloud. It will offer People, Businesses, and Nonprofits a way to register and track the amount of money they raise for nonprofits, their WTIM Tokens, and Share Certificates, and Affiliate stats.

Back-End – Weeks 1-4

We will work collaboratively with a few developers to create the databases and functions needed to scale quickly and securely interface with the Cardano blockchain. The back-end will be built with Laravel and be deployed in the cloud. It will be able to support any size of growth in traffic and actions on the dApp without issue.

Beta Testing – Weeks 4-8

We will work collaboratively with the Cardano community and existing WTIM Members to test and refine the dApp before promoting it to the public. We would ensure that all layers of the tech stack are working properly together, and that the dApp was easy for people to use and understand.

Dapp Launch – Weeks 8-12

Once we have a presenting sponsor we will work collaboratively with TechSoup to introduce WeThinkItMatters to their over one million nonprofit partners and let the nonprofits know about our platform that they can use for free to get funding for their ORG. Also Agents of WeThinkItMatters Inc. will promote and market WTIM campaigns to businesses as a place for those businesses to advertise.



Our budget benefits other proposals in dcfund, and most of it goes to encourage developers to build tech to operate with Cardano’s blockchain

$4,500 [already invested $1,500] African Blockchain Center for Developers (ABCD) these developers are/will create the Front and Back-end of the Dapp and connect it to the Cardano blockchain -Funds paid to ABCD will encourage DEVs in Africa by paying them to build dApp UI/UX to connect to the Cardano blockchain, and gives them development experiences to share with people who take part in ABCD.

$7,000 [already investing $70HR on a weekly basis as I can afford] Freelance Haskell DEV (Tin) this developer will create the WTIM Smart AD Contract in Marlowe and WTIM Native Assets that will be used in the Dapp -This developer had never heard of Cardano before I contracted him to teach me Haskell and help me build WTIM, funds paid to him help support his continued learning about Plutus and Marlowe and passing that knowledge on to others.

$4,500 to WeThinkItMatters Inc. S.P.C. agents that will provide Project Management, handle Beta Testing of dApp, create supporting documents for advertisers , nonprofits, and people. The agency will work with all developers to complete the dApp on the 8-12 week timeline and recruit a virtual sales force to market it once ready.

$0 Hosting, Because of WeThinkItMatters involvement in ALTS Capital Accelerator our cloud hosting cost is already sponsored by AWS.



$16,000 one-time payment to WeThinkItMatters Inc. S.P.C. who will distribute payments to private contractors based upon agreements in their contracts. The developed WTIM dApp, WTIM Smart AD Contract, and WTIM Native Assets created will belong to WeThinkItMatters Inc S.P.C. and all code will be used by the company for operations of WeThinkItMattersⓇ marketing PaaS. The Smart Contract template code we create will be open source and can be used by others, and portions of our build will be recorded by ADA MarkerSpace to teach others how to build dApps on Cardano.



WeThinkItMatters dApp would be a consumer and business use case and way for the average person to do something on the blockchain that is meaningful. And WTIM would create transactions on Cardano blockchain through the voting in WTIM campaigns and trading of WTIM assets, thus generating profits for Stake Pool Operators and increasing the utility of ADA and it’s value long term. This proposal also employs and helps multiple developers become better at building solutions on top of Cardano.


How WTIM benefits Cardano’s ecosystem:

Members, for people WeThinkItMatters is an easy to use nonprofit fundraising tech that gives people the ability to support causes without having to give money. People already give way more to charities than businesses each year, and WTIM offers them a different way to raise money for causes with money that businesses are spending on advertising. WTIM dApp will be a blockchain App that the average person would use, people don’t need to be a crypto fan or care about blockchain to want to support causes, they are already giving their money and time. Members of WeThinkItMatters dApp also get a unique and rewarding experience no one else is offering.

Partners, nonprofits already pay for many different types of fundraising platforms that they then have to ask people to give a donation on. WeThinkItMatters offers nonprofits a free to use platform where they can get funding just from inviting people to join WTIM and take part in campaigns. Nonprofits can leverage their existing email databases and social networks to engage their supporters with fundraising opportunities that don’t require the supporter to give money, only take an online action.

Advertisers, brands and businesses already spend over $500,000,000,000+ a year on advertising. They know getting people’s attention is important, and WeThinkItMatters offers them a way to engage with people that has a positive impact on the world. Only with WeThinkItMatters can a brand be guaranteed that 60% of what they spent on an advertising campaign will go to nonprofits. No other marketing platform or media can deliver this KIND of ROI. WeThinkItMatters campaigns also give 3X times more engagement than other channels for a lower cost per click than the AVG digital media.

Please see this example campaign



Requested funds in ada. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. 160000

WeThinkItMatters Dapp Development

Goal: $160,000.00
2 Campaigns | 0 Loved campaigns


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WTIM WeThinkItMatters PitchdeckWhy Cause-Integrated Marketing Matters In 2019 advertising spend worldwide was $500+ billion In 2019 Americans donated $449+ billion to nonprofits In 2019 businesses donated $21 billion to nonprofits $500+ BILLION $21 BILLION $449+ BILLION


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