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One of the most disruptive use cases that will make Cardano a financial power house is to provide sources of safe savings that have a very low barrier to entry.

It is a simple formula of: stablecoin + long term yield (5% or more)

Most defi applications that I see in the space right now are highly speculative full time jobs that remind me more of day trading than any sort of savings vehicles. The most popular stablecoins are also tied to the US dollar, which is subject to the same deflation and inflation that happens with the dollar.

This is one reason why the Federal banks and governments are so afraid of stablecoins. They are powerful.

For Cardano to bank the unbanked, we have to start with stable, safe, boring, long term savings instruments with a yield that beats inflation.

Watch the cryptocrow interview with Charles and Alex Mashinsky. As Alex said, “Yield Is King”. Create the foundation and the rest follows. I will be closely following all dApp proposals in this area!!

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Yield Is King

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Yield Is King


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